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Two new things mostly for the PIXELART:

1. Shadows: Instead of using fading shadows, use only 3 different greyish to black colors and use these as tiles for the shadows (e.g. for the top tile of ladders) to keep the pixelart a little more consistent. This tutorial might help to show what I mean:

(Seems like this forum messes with the link. just copy the full line.. the page is hosted at archive.org)

2. I got to the "fire end-boss" for the first time. Is it true, that the treadmill is changing directions? If yes, the animation of the treatmill should clearly indicate the direction through animation AND there should be a two second indicator, that the direction will change soon (flashing maybe?).

Changing the sprites of the conveyors is on my list.

The direction of the conveyor belt in the bossfight does change, but only when you run into its body. I reverse the direction there for a moment to make sure, that you're not getting pushed into it even further.

One general thing in regards to Pixelart: I'm grateful about your suggestions, however I don't have the time to go through all the sprites that I already did. So please don't be dissapointed, when you're not going to see any improvements on that end. I'll try to keep your suggestions in mind, when it comes to any sprites that I still have to do, but that's probably going to be it (barring some minor corrections here and there).

I still appreciate the feedback though, because there will be a game after that.

Thanks for the clarification on the conveyors belt and the pixel art.

No worries, a game takes a lot of time to make and we are all subjective in aspects like graphics or sounds. However it's still your game and already fun to play! I'm not disappointed at all.

And I will provide more feedback if any and bugs as soon as I encounter them.

Have a good night!