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Yep, i understand the Unlock point of view, i just don't like it. Being lost in a game because of massive choices is becoming less and less common, whereas it's one of the best part of the fun... At least please don't put unlocks behind specific ways to play. Like "beat level X under Y turns with Z class". That's the worst, forcing a way to play that a player may dislike, to unlock others stuff a player may like. It's a wall making me wanting to turn back. Just get some resources from a win, less (but not zero) from a lose, and unlock what you want with that.


I am definitely not putting unlocks behind any specific conditions. I don't want to force anyone to play this game any specific way (besides encouraging higher difficulty). As I've mentioned in the previous devlog, you indeed gain research points depending on how far you've progressed (and game difficulty), even if you lose.