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Hi! So I just downloaded the new version and it fixed the problem for me! I got past the point where it crashes!

I got Aaron's friendship end and his CG~ ^_^

Like how I felt during Luke's friendship route.. I felt bad for Aaron..! The poor cinnamon roll... But I still felt satisfied with the ending :D

Now that I've completed the game, I would like to thank you once again for having made the great game! I feel so happy and grateful for being able to play this game (which I still can't believe is free). I loved this game so much and I'm looking forward to playing more games from you in the future! :D

Oh and I also played Lads in Distress a while back- it's a fun game with a gorgeous artwork and storyline and I was surprised in one of the endings. I really enjoyed that game too!

Hey! Thanks for reporting back; glad to hear the problem is fixed! :D

No, thank you for playing our games, both RSoF and Lads in Distress <3 I know they are not perfect, but we're really happy that we could bring smile to people's faces with our games. Hope you will continue supporting us in the future! <3