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Hi, .. Feedback:

  1. Controls are very wonky.  It is hard to avoid hurting your own dog.  It is hard to get your guy to do what you want, and the constant "why not using right-click?" I don't need.  I feel this would be the main thing to fix.
  2. Difficulty is tuned WAY TOO HIGH for a person learning/starting the game.   Fortunately, I have played survival games before so I tried to build some kind of shelter before night, but it took all day to figure out how to gather/build and even then I used a pre-existing structure I found.   It was NOT easy to build a workbench and even when I had built a door, they knocked it down.  Once this happens, the game is over.  You WILL die.
  3. I had enough wood to build another door, but when I used it on the workbench I would do the work, the craft would end.  Resources were consumed - no door.  This is a very serious bug in a game about survival, as it means life or death.

I'm sorry to be terse, I'm VERY frustrated

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hey loopywolf, thx for the feedback. Yea i agree the controls are not there yet and the balancing of difficulty, keep in minds its an early alpha. If you craft something on the workbench the stuff should be inside the workbench when its done, have you checked that?