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I tried the Linux version. You probably already aware most of this, but you asked for ALL the feeedback. So here it is:

The first thing I noticed, that you have your clickable links in the splashscreen, but it goes away quickly and there is no option to see it again, so the average user might miss it entirely.

Second, the menu. It feels a bit awkward, because some of the buttons are clickable, while the others can only be manipulated by the keyboard.

Ok, lets play. I clicked on Play and there was a very nice graphic about the gamepad layout. Too bad, I'm using a keyboard here. I was hoping for a keyboard layout next, but instead the game just started. It took me a while to figure out the controls. I didn't even find them on your page. I pressed, like, all the keys to find out that "Z" is for attack. Not very common, I must say. But there is a bigger problem. In Europe we have QWERTZ keyboards where the letters "Z" and "Y" are changed places. Now, when you try to use in this layout the "Z" for attack, you will see that it's very uncomfortable. I recommend to use "F" or maybe "Enter/Return" instead.

The graphics are nice, the usual Pigdev quality, I must say. :D
The controls feel responsive, the combo system is very good. The music is also nice, but the sound effects are a bit weird for me, it's like, I'm controlling a mouse, not a pig... :D

The enemies are unique, I really need to use all my moves, if I don't want to end up as their lunch. But the difficulty curve is a bit steep, I think. In the first 2 waves the carrot and the tomato couldn't even hurt me, and in the 3rd wave the onion almost immediately killed me. Later I found out how to deal with it, tho... :D

It would be nice to have a visible combo system (something like here, in DmC ), and a Highscore list, including which wave was the last, would be also nice.

But all in all, it's a good start. Keep up the good work! :)