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Thank you for your response, I'm glad I was able to read it. I was probably overreacting a bit, but considering it's not happening to me very often, I think this game indeed needed to greet the reader with a massive content warning. I was also a bit confused remembering your old games which were often at least borderline-trolling – this gave me a few different layers of "not prepared" and "not sure what I'm looking at".

In a way, I think what you wrote here belongs in the game as author's notes. When you put out something that can influence people's emotional state to this degree, you probably want to make clear what you meant by it and that you found a way out of it. I know many people dislike putting themselves out there like that, and explaining your creative work sucks in general, but it can easily make the difference between the experience being plain disturbing and depressing, and it being ultimately hopeful. Despite what I wrote at first, telling a blunt story is not a sin by itself, but you need to offset that with an extra amount of care in how you package it. :)