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Now that hand tracking on the quest is a reality (and the sdk soon enough), would you consider adding hand tracking to this game? Since it already doesn’t actively use any buttons except for grip and shoot. And seriously dude thanks for everything, like really everyone is all over my quest because of it :)


I will add that :) Not sure exactly when but if the integration is not complicated it might be quite soon.

There is one important thing though. It does use other buttons and will use more. But for the basic gameplay you're fine with just grip and shoot and that's perfectly fine to be done by hands alone. To get the most from the game, you should learn about few concepts and mechanice that will be covered by tutorials. And those will use extra buttons and a joystick.

Currently A/X is used to activate specifc EXMs (shields, deflectors), B/Y is used to pull energy (same as grip). Joystick does the energy pulling too but this is going to change - when I get to displays on hands, joystick will be used to navigate through them - change navigation targets, cycle through logs, scan area, set companion AI behaviour and so on.

And again, I plan not to make any of that required to finish the game, especially on easier difficulty levels (and there's going to be a story mode in which you cannot be killed) but you will get richer gameplay. And somewhat easier. It is similar to as playing Doom with all weapons compared to playing on nighmare difficulty with pistol only.