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Hi, so I gave this game a try since I liked the storyline, and I must say that the artwork is fantastic too! The music was very appropriate and soothing to the ears and doesn't distract the player from reading at all.

Comments: (slight spoilers for those reading)

I already achieved both of Luke's endings and I got all his CGs. Luke is so charming and I love him! His route gave me quite a few laughs (remembering those books that he borrowed at the library XD). Honestly, I felt very bad when I pursued him as a best friend only like "aww he's so cute but I must. do this. I need the CG!" My heart broke for him when Val rejected him but I was glad that they still remained in good terms in the end and it was still satisfactory.

So, for Aaron. I must say he's an adorable ball of sunshine! He's so lovable and he's so cute when he gets all flustered and stuff >_< I feel like I kicked a puppy when Val mentioned about how Aaron gets all sad and dejected when she still hasn't played the games he recommended yet.

Since I'm talking about Aaron.. I already finished his route (the one where they ended up together) and I'm currently trying to get his friendship end but there's this part in the game where it keeps crashing. It's the scene in where Val and Aaron are in his bedroom and they're playing 20 questions. I'm just wondering if it only happens to mine? I'm using Windows 7.

Aside from the crash thing, the game was very well-done! I honestly loved it and I was very immersed in the story! I'm actually surprised but very grateful that it's free. Anyways good job!

Weeell that's all I have to say! (I actually just made an account here just to report the crash issue and to write some feedback about this game haha XD)

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Hello! Thank you so much for playing our game and writing a comment :D

Thank you for the compliments! :"D We're really happy that you liked it so far. Hearing that you were immersed in the story makes us writers really, really happy.

About the crash: Would you mind giving some details about exactly where that happens? Can you describe the problem as well -- does the game just suddenly close on you, or does it give you an error? If so, what does it say?

Edit: I think I know why >_< Mistake on my part omg. I'll be uploading a new fixed version as soon as possible. For now, just click Ignore a few times when the error comes up and you should be able to keep playing. It doesn't affect much, you'll probably miss one or two lines of dialogue only.

Thank you very much for the report, and we're sorry about the problem ;_;

Actually for the crash, I don't receive an error, the game just suddenly closes on me TT_TT

I did try to restart the game a few times but it always ends up crashing in a specific part.

It's in the scene in which Valerie had asked Aaron on why he was so eager to get her to do stuff lately in Aaron's bedroom, where they were playing 20 Questions. It happens right after Valerie's line: "I think the fact that you said that means you probably won't. Now go on."

Anyways, you're welcome and I'll be patiently waiting for the fixed version! :D

Hmm, the place you described where the game crashed is the exact place where the bug I found, though for me, when it gets to that spot, it gives me an error that I can click Ignore on. Can you try downloading the new version (v1.1) from Itch.io and see if you can get past that point without the game crashing? This new version fixes that bug I caught, so it might also fix the problem for you.

Sorry about the problem ;_;

Hi! So I just downloaded the new version and it fixed the problem for me! I got past the point where it crashes!

I got Aaron's friendship end and his CG~ ^_^

Like how I felt during Luke's friendship route.. I felt bad for Aaron..! The poor cinnamon roll... But I still felt satisfied with the ending :D

Now that I've completed the game, I would like to thank you once again for having made the great game! I feel so happy and grateful for being able to play this game (which I still can't believe is free). I loved this game so much and I'm looking forward to playing more games from you in the future! :D

Oh and I also played Lads in Distress a while back- it's a fun game with a gorgeous artwork and storyline and I was surprised in one of the endings. I really enjoyed that game too!

Hey! Thanks for reporting back; glad to hear the problem is fixed! :D

No, thank you for playing our games, both RSoF and Lads in Distress <3 I know they are not perfect, but we're really happy that we could bring smile to people's faces with our games. Hope you will continue supporting us in the future! <3