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Just Amazing, but honestly the only problems I've had with the game, is that you can't pick up a MAG while moving, you can't store hamburgers like you can MAGs (It's actually a pretty bad problem, I always end up getting the Hamburger when i'm not in danger, but when I'm low health the hamburger is usually too far away.) Another problem which is probably causing the SMG troubles, is that the Instructions are very unclear about how to use it, I spent an entire ten minutes trying to attach the MAG to the bottom of the SMG, also I kind of think the little sentry guys shoot too fast. The last problem I had with the game is that the soldiers like to spam their shots at doors, which means if I try to peek out and shoot at them, I end up getting instantly killed by their bullets, the AI could use small improvements, but other than that, the AI is actually really good, In a future update it would be nice to have a randomized color scheme every game, I find playing in the same color scene over and over again a bit boring.