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Really fun game, great work. I think it's just the right difficulty. I myself was playing from seated in a chair using the artificial locomotion which worked quite well.

The SMG is really cool and fun to use, I love the reload system. Putting the magazine on top and popping the rails off is extremely satisfying to do, and feels pretty bad-ass. Props to that. I was able to figure it out in about 5 seconds.

The pistol is a great weapon, perhaps too great since the fire rate and accuracy is essentially perfect, but I found myself switching to the SMG regardless, especially to make quick work of the Security Robots.

My only complaint really is that using the side grip on the left Vive controller for the locomotion tired out my hand a bit having to hold the grip after a bit, perhaps consider adding an option to switch controls for teleport and locomotion so that the locomotion uses the trackpad, or be able to choose one mode or something. Better yet, just customization options for controls if possible.

I think you've got a good little roguelike going here, and I truly hope to see more! Continued development would definitely earn you a purchase from me on Steam if you head that way.

The grip button issue is common so I'll eventually get around to adding configurable buttons!

Thanks for the encouraging feedback!