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here are my thoughts on the new update. the difficulty is perfect (if you don't teleport) and adds the sense of challenge that the previous version did not. i even challenged myself to use pistol only and even harder yet, SMG only! both i ended up winning with many times. (also lost a bunch :) you really feel BA when you slide into a room with many guys and robots and just you are left standing in the end. again i stress, if you need to teleport, this is not the game for you!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DEV do not make it easier! rather make this version the middle of the road for being hard, bring back the old way for easy, and make a PRO MODE!! :) ps. reloading the SMG in sweet once you get the hang of it! think of it as your only weapon and you will learn fast!

only issue i see that needs to be fixed is when you are walking you cannot pick up a MAG at the same time. it throws me off because i like to be always moving and oi have to stop for a split second to pick up a MAG. you can pick up a hamburger just fine on the move :)

Thanks! A 'Pro mode' of sorts is coming! A lot of people find it too difficult, so I'll add an update that adds and 'easy mode', but at the same time I'll make it so the current mode will be 'normal', and I'll add a 'hard' mode and maybe nightmare but not sure. Also configurable buttons will be a thing eventually.

do you have any thoughts on how to fix not being able to pick up a magazine while in motion?