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I'm sure a million people have told you this - but you have something really special here. I've been watching you work on this over on /r/vive for months, and now I finally own a Vive. I've had it for two weeks, and this project of yours is the thing I keep coming back to and losing myself in. With a little more polish, like more forgiving hitboxes or difficulty options, I would absolutely expect to see this on Steam.

I'm eager for the lefty mode, but simply swapping controllers has worked so far. I'm also a voice actor so if you want a Patrick Stewart-esque English VO, ask away.

Good luck!

Sorry about the left-handed mode being delayed so much. If you sound like Patrick Stewart, I'm jealous! A voice like that would work well with a boss or something. I've made attempts in the past, but my wife says my Patrick Steward impersonation is complete rubbish ...