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dude go make your own your spamming the comments and people do report you

This is my updates, NOT IS SPAM

the definition of spam is someone posting the same thing or something where it shouldnt be.... your literally doing that

AND NOW Never Make Spam >:\

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Yes, but you Don't stop say THE UPDATE TODAY, is boring

I'm agree with popman, you do create the post for your updates for the game, you stop say the updates here

But, i always receive updates :(

Well, I could even stop talking all the time here in the comments besides ... HOW  COULD ANYORE BE INTERESTED IN A MOD THAT ONLY CHANGES THE SPRITES AND SOME CODES OF THE GAME ?! At least if it was a decompiled version, it could be cooler

OK... ;'/

Sorry if I was rude about using caps lock to make the letters big, but you could at least post the mod on game banana where you will have more people watching and at least also say when you create the post on, say in the comments your post

Too i love your arts, this is a cool :)


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don’t you know how to log into gamebanana?

Or sign into gamebanana actually

but my account of gamebanana is banned,  Upload now on game banana  --->

And you all have grammar wrong.