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For game jam submissions remember that there are two pages; the page and the jam submission page.

My jam submission page notes:

List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
In-game art is from the marketplace HOWEVER through Christen's art direction we refurbished many pieces to fit in with our cartoon shader (which we also created). Christen completed all level design and lighting elements. Additional post process effects were implemented for our water.

In addition as an online game I can prove server uptime that the game was not changed after the cutoff time. I noted on the jam submission page as well:

"During the Jam I built my own patcher for the event. My not-so-sneaky way of getting under 100 MB. Did it work? Probably not! The game will not be updated after the cutoff time and I can verify server uptime at anytime."

I will add this info in to the page.


Yeah. My bad. Should've left this message under Jam's page.
But my point was: Why risk?
And listing assets means, write a list of them.
Well, that's just IMO, you don't have to listen to me anyway.

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To me (@TheMainStark / Christopher Main) it was never a risk as its easy to prove, I added some screenshots to the comments as an example - server uptime and client files you download.

All of the in-game art is from the Marketplace. We mixed, mashed and refurbished a bunch to get the art direction for the game so it would be a big list, felt simpler to mention "all of it".

We still put a lot of thought and work in to getting the it look the way it did though!