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The game is absolutely beautiful, but I have questions.

So, the plague doctor mask reads Victorian, but the apartment has modern appliances. Also, the clock ending features figures passing by during the time lapse segment, despite the other humans supposedly being dead. Was the whole thing a delusion brought on by guilt or mental illness? If not, did the raven undo the curse because I reflected on mistreating it?

Thanks!  Yeah, I'm not really sure when this game takes place XD  I Sketch a lot, and had a plague doctor looking character (which became Lutum) and decided to use him in the game.  Since the character wasn't really made for the game, there might be some historical inaccuracies... As for the people passing back and forth in the clock ending, that's just meant to represent the time passing, as Lutum walks around his apparent, and eventually dies from the plague.  Thanks the comment and video :)

Oh, cool! Thanks for the clarification. Again, incredibly beautiful game. I'd love to see more in this style.