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Hello again! I made my first level using this!

But I experienced one issue. While I was play-testing my level, I noticed an error and needed to fix it. However, after I initially set the start and end points, the "New level" option on the title screen suddenly turned into "Save level", permanently locking me out from changing the level. I had to go into the TIC-80 map editor to fix the error (while everything else was created in the level editor).

Please fix this asap!

You're supposed to place the start and end points once your level is finished, which locks editing so that you can share your level. As you can see I didn't do a very good job of communicating this, but it's not a bug. I'm not updating this version any further, but in a new version that could use its own file format rather than TIC-80's .map files this wouldn't be a problem.

For now, you can still load maps made using the TIC-80 editor back into the normal editor (once the start and end points have been removed) and continue as normal.

The error was related to how high the player can jump to get a strawberry above her. It was one space too high. I didn't realize this at first, because I couldn't collect the strawberries when I was making my level. Please let us collect strawberries when making levels.

Again, I'm not updating this version any more. I'll make sure you can if I ever do make the new version, though.