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Absolutely great game, look forward to seeing it grow! I think right now it's a bit unbalanced. It's very easy to get caught in a room with lots of baddies or to have a baddie sneak up behind you. Some sort of cover or blocking system would be great.

Maybe a shield on the left hand that depletes after a few hits and has to recharge? I think an easier difficulty mode with more health and more frequent pickups would be good too. Maybe some invincibility frames after you're hit too, it's easy to get three bullets out of nowhere.

The SMG did have me fumbling in the heat of battle, but I like feel of the reloading. I think the pistol should have a simple reload too so I have a reason to switch. Each pistol clip has X amount of ammo, but you have infinite clips for it. Right now I stick to the pistol since it can fire forever. I think if you tone down the enemy difficulty and give the player some defense, the reloading will be a lot of fun.

I really dig the art style and sound design. Keep up the good work, I'd gladly pay for this when it's a full game!

Thanks for the C&C, and those suggestions! A shield is a great idea, I'll probably add that in the nearish future. Those other suggestions are great, too. Will try and balance and clean up things a bit more going forward.