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Hey chaozz, I'm new to this so I found your game and decided to get it, but for some reason my computer is telling me that this game is not commonly downloaded and could harm my computer, I don't know if its safe and could cause my computer a virus. If there's something wrong with the download could you please tell me? Because I don't know what to do unless to just delete the game... ;-;

I can guarantee you it's safe, but honestly, I don't think me saying so will make any difference. So I think you might be better off removing it if it scares you.

Oh that's good to know, there's another question I'd like to ask though, if it's possible to remove the administrator access to access the game, yeah... I'm using my school laptop as well and it annoys me when some awesome free games need administrator access to run the game. You don't have to remove it but it would be easier for people like me. Thanks :D

Download and install it at home. Then go to your program files folder and Zip the entire Survius folder. Upload that zip somewhere, and download it at school. Unzip and you're ready to go. :)

Oh :0 Thanks! :D

For everybody who has problems with games like this on their system: Step one-download itch.io app. Step two-sign in. Step three-search for the game. Step four-click "Install" on the side. Hope that clears it up for you all. =)

Thank you!