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I can't find anything in those logs that stand out as problems, but I just remembered that I had that double vision issue when I was first testing out Valve's renderer that was caused by having multiple cameras in the scene but that shouldn't be an issue here. Can I please ask you a few things?

1) Do you have Steam and SteamVR running before you start the game executable?

2) Do you have SteamVR direct mode disabled?

3) Are you running the game through a Steam shortcut or running it as an admin?

4) What are your asynchronous reprojection / interleaved reprojection settings?

Try running Steam and Steam VR, disabling direct mode, disable asynchronous reprojection, enable interleaved reprojection, and run the main.exe executable straight from the folder.

Thanks for getting back with those details and sorry to put you through this. It sucks that these issues exist but it's better to find these problems sooner rather than later.

What fixed the double vision thing was starting the game from the game folder, i created a Steam shortcut previously and it didn't work that way.
Very weird. Maybe you should make the log get more information from the computer/instance of running, to find the cause of issues faster.

Here is my Gameplay feedback :

- Spawn more burgers

- Spawn less tracked robots

- Gunplay/ Gun mechanics are fine

- Add grenades

- Add a campaign influenced by Contra and Doom 1

- Add Contra and Doom Eastereggs or even levels

- Difficulty is fine

- Lessen the spread of the SMG

- Add famous 8-Bit track covers of legendary themes and songs like for example Escape from New York

Thank you so much for bringing us this game, i can't for this to become a fully fledged title that i can buy on Steam.