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Hi, I played this for about an hour last night for the first time and really enjoyed it. Great work. A few suggestions/observations:

The 'tunnel' parts that connect the doorways restrict being able to use cover. I use room scale but at about 1.5mx2m so moving a lot when door opens isn't really an option, so i found myself creeping forward enough to trigger the door and then holding the left controller behind me to backstep. I'd love to be able to take cover a little more. With that said...

Chest high walls/crates - Well, some sort of low cover in a room might be good, so you have to physically duck down and blind fire over something.

Dedicate the right grips to quick backstep to allow for getting out of doorways ina hurry. Maybe have it on a cooldown so it can't be abused.

Key card system like classic doom?

Patrolling guards.

LOVE the randomly generated environment. Please keep this, it makes it so replayable. If you can get maybe 3 more environments in there with their own set of quirks, then you could have a VR FPS Spelunky on your hands :)

Here is some footage I took last night:

Looking forward to the next update, well done.

Thanks! We must think alike as absolutely everything you mentioned is either already being worked on or on my TODO list. Great video, too! It's great to see other people play.

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Excellent. While we're on the subject of classic doom, maybe a secret or two dotted around might be fun, perhaps the odd health pickup hidden away. The drop rate of health pickups could be linked to the way you kill enemies, so there's a 1 in 10 chance of a health drop when killing an enemy, but a 1 in 2 if you kill by headshot/weak point.

Personally speaking i'd like it if there was only one set difficulty. Look to spelunky where the difficulty is high, put can be made easier by the way you learn the game mechanics rather than just have enemies do less/take more damage.

Great idea on the headshot thing, I'll try that! I would like to reward the player for accuracy a bit more if possible.

About the difficulty; there are other factors that don't come into play with normal games. For example, some players can use artificial locomotion, while others can't. Also, I think physical fitness and physical awareness come into play much more than regular games.

Looking at the comments here and on reddit, it seems some players find it far too easy, while others really struggle and get frustrated. In a way I agree with only having one difficulty, as there is a certain way I want the game to be and feel, but at the end of the day if people are not having fun then they won't play.

Either way I'll experiment with putting in difficulty options for now (I'll try to make them more interesting than just damage tweaks!) and see how people respond. I was thinking about having different items, etc. unlock at different difficulties, but at the same time I think it might be frustrating to be cut off from content until you 'git gud'. A good compromise might be have daily runs with leader-boards, but they are locked to the hardest difficulty only, while the content itself is the same for all difficulties.

I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud. I should give Spelunky a try and see if I can get some inspiration.

You've given me a lot to think about!