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Hey man! Thanks for checking out our game! I'm not at home right now, but the menu screen has some info on controls! It should be a table with keyboard commands in it too. It has two pages you can flip between. Sorry! If that doesnt help I will write again when Im back home ;)

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I'm a Kid dude...., anyways, thanks!. I will check it! :D. Edit: I DON'T HAVE A NUMPAD!!, THIS IS SOO ANNOYING!!!

Ack sorry! :D It's super hard to get 2 players on one keyboard right.

I found a way But me and my Friend is VERY VERY Struggling in Level 3! D:<.

First of all, thank you for playing it !!! It means a lot. :D

Yeah Level 3 turned out to be way too hard. At some point we want to revisit the game and release a better version with more and better levels. With Lvl 3 you have to find a rhythm of separating (one guy covers the bottom and one guy takes care of the top action. And getting back together to defend the upper door. Also when the fat guys spawn, be really quick to take them down.


I tried it with my friend, but we had a litarry(sorry for the wrong spelling! XD) a Hard Time, I did tried to use 1 down and 1 up to attack those Annoying Fat mans!. Anyways, i could maybe try to upload a video of it in Indonesian! :).

I'd be happy to watch it! :)

I really want to upload it but my internet sucks at only one important thing. UPLOADING. it cant upload nothing! litteraly!(sorry if my spelling is still bad). :(