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I just loved it! I like how the whole story plays out and I love the characters (some more than others).

For me the fact that it takes time to change someone's mind about certain topics makes the story all the more realistic. Prejudice is not an easy thing to let go of.

Alex is the best and she doesn't give a damn about what others think but about what she thinks is best, this resonates with me 'cause I'd rather speak up and gain a few haters than keep my mouth shut and have a guilty conscience. I like blonde and tsundere-ish guys so I'm more than fine with Aiden ^o^

 And the soundtrack killed me, it's beautiful and heartbreaking at times.  It was ideal for one of my favorite scenes which is Alex's speech about angels' slavery and extermination. So inspiring.

I hope you keep making such amazing games from now on too! <3