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Just played the new update for a little while. The future is bright for this game! It's a ton of fun, and the new additions are great all around. However there are a few bugs and minor suggestions I have:

  • When you die, your SMG ammo doesn't reset. (e.g. Die with 3 batteries left, spawn with 3 batteries)
  • The guns still seem too far up on the controller.
  • Health is a bit too rare I think. I was having to throw away SMG mags, but played through about 4 times without finding any health.

The SMG is awesome! The sound it makes after you reload is super satisfying and badass.*cling*

Still can't wait for left-handed support, but for now just switching the physical controllers works with no problems at all.

Overall, I'm very impressed, and I can't wait to see what becomes of this game as development continues.

Congrats on the new update!


Sorry about the SMG bug, I'll fix that!

I tried moving the gun down. but the Vive controllers bang together. Rift users don't have this issue as their controllers are much smaller so maybe I should make it so it detects the Touch and moves it to a better spot on the controller. Will tweak and experiment!

It's not possible to throw away mags - if you let go, they automatically disappear into your inventory so don't worry about letting them go. Is that what you meant? Sorry if I misunderstood. I agree that health is a bit too rare, though. I'll slowly balance the game as updates come out.

Also, sorry for putting off proper left handed support for so long. It will come soonish!

Great feedback!

Great to hear! What I meant by throwing away mags (poorly worded) was that I was ignoring the ones that would spawn because my inventory was full, and never really had problems with too little ammo.

Oh I see! Thanks for clarifying that.