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I'd have to say, I love the low-poly graphics in this game, and the homage to Resident Evil with the doors opening / going up the stairs etc. The tease with the monster on the stairs was great, however I did miss it on my first playthrough of the demo - which leads me to my one criticism of the game. Yes, it gave the player a great taste for the game with the neat atmosphere and the graphics being incredible ( also, wanted to say that the menu was so good. Thank you for actually putting thought into a nice menu ), but I found that it was just a tease. 

I feel that maybe with a bit longer of a demo, we might feel a bit more intrigued with the story; how did our protagonist get there ? What was his crime ? What's happening in the world around him that made him go into some hellscape ? 

Overall I'm looking forward to the actual release of this game, and might even stream it once it's out. Thank you for all of your hard work ! :)