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It's a cute lil game, but I'll be honest - it's not something I would have paid $5 if I'd known what the content was going to be.
The concept was super cute, that each time you play the game it plays out a bit differently ... but the lack of animation for the sex scenes made it not worth it.

Looking forward to your other project tho, Future Fragments looks great

Just making sure, did you play through to the end? :P

And yeah, the lack of animation isn't something we're happy about, but if you did want a refund, feel free to ask of course!


Yeah, I played it through. I did enjoy it (so no refund required). The hint of a bigger story was nice, that you remember more and more every time. [spoiler] Reminds me of The Good Place, where they're in hell but keep being given hope to keep them engaged in trying to escape. [/spoiler].

Because of that (and the promise of greater animations and story to come), I've got high hopes for your offer projects! 

Well thanks a lot, that means a lot! And yeah, hey, that was an accidental similarity to The Good Place haha!