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Look, I don't know if this is okay, this sounds pirate and illegal, maybe Mystiman12 agrees to what I'm saying, you should buy it, or ask some friend to buy it.

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look, Buy, download kickstarter exclusive demo and upload mediafire and give me your mediafire link for download but i no have money!.

I'll see if I find a person who does this because I won't pay for the game even if I LOVE, but I'll see if I find someone

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I have something to say, but you won't like it, if the kickstarter came in installer, I won't upload, if it came in .zip or .rar, I'll put it in an installer where it will have two versions, the public demo and kickstarter, but the kickstarter version will have a code to install it, the public demo has no code, it's free, but the kickstarter has code, because I WON'T GIVE IT FOR FREE IF IT'S PAID, no get involved with pirate, you shouldn't either.

I haven't downloaded it yet, but I'll see how my dad pays for the game

Thanks for look my mensage, Please don't complain.

go to unity 


no, unity is the program BBIEAL was made by

Dude, it’s not like Kickstarter demo is all your life and you desperately need it


If you won't pay 10$ for a game you want to play, you don't deserve to play the game.