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that's what i'm most needed! since obvious things are obvious for dev, so feedback from players are the most essential for me right now.

And thank you,  I will check your game after i'm done with the festival, maybe I'll learn things for my game :D

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Ow thank you, but I don´t think you will learn that much haha =o

But I am also just a noob dev and this is my first game.

Sadly I am also solo on the project and my pc giving me problems but I try.

Also I did continue the game today and feel kinda anyoed I not saw the red arrow point up in the guild hall map it appeard just after fiishing talking to the messenger I guess.

And since I couldnt move up before I did not try to go there againand instead went outside of the guild thinking I need to go on the world map and travel somewhere.

Instead you made it so that all guild quests are in the guildhall itself and you get teleported to that map? Weird but I guess thats how it is and that confused me since I thought you need to leave the guildhall the way you came x,D So since that is not a problem anymore I went and continued the game, did the chicken fishing and wrait quest... and then it happends... boom encounter of 3 enemies and then endless confuse spamed me to death and the other charackter is auto fight it seems so couldnt do anything. x,D rip

Yeah I'm still experimenting the quest thing, and I'll prob change it later :D

Still debating whether i should keep my current battle system or make another one

The battle system it self is nice and not the problem.

Just need to be careful with the balance and not perma lock down your players.

Enemies who can spam sleep, stun, confuse and other strong debuffs are dangerous.

They can break your game specially if the player can only controle 1 charackter and the rest are auto battle.

So if the playable charackter is perma locked by one or more of those strong status effects.

They player is rendered helpless for eternity until there HP drops to 0.

Aside from that I enjoy the game and tryed to avoid that op enemy groubs...