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Helo !

I am absolutely in love with the game. The lonely atmosphere it gives off really pinpoints how I feel about old dead games I still visit today. I have been playing it for a couples times and curious, how many endings and secrets are there in this game? I really want to see every single one of them. Also, do you plan on adding more to this or is this the final build? I was thinking of secret endings, maybe waiting long enough after the end, a server will pop up with terrifying consequences or maybe a new bit of the story. Or maybe resetting and coming back will give off a cycle the DEV is aware about and confronts you about (sounds silly sorry) Also curious, is there any reason why this game is set in 86 instead of the 90s?  It looks way ahead of its time for the 80s (no offense ! ) Gosh I am in love with this game sorry.