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Seriously dude awesome remake! I'm so happy to be able to play it! Only two things I noticed:

1. the first time you open the door to enter the hallway, the door is laggy as hell and cuts the fluidity of our first entering. It is a detail, but since it happens very early in the game I can't help but think that could turn off people a bit :)
2. Another detail, but the first time when see the bathroom door thrashing, the door at the end of the hallway is closed (which is totally normal). What cut my immersion is that if you are not looking at the bathroom door thrashing, you can see the door at the en of the hallway open without any animation, as if a glitch.

That is all I have to say, those aren't complains, I merely wish for your product to be enjoyable to its maximum :) Again, thank you for this awesome remake, i know i will follow your updates and enjoy the game for a long time!