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Your game creator got me thinking that in most games -

Some characters / creatures (sprites) are helpful or harmful and this is the same with locations (tiles).

The ability to hold objects enables quests, specialized encounters, and reward the player - objects can be a quest item, a weapon, a power-up, or a mcguffin (a hidden object that indicates a condition test)

If tiles, objects and NPCs can change based on objects, stats or encounters you have a story.

So, I tried to boil this down to the smallest amount of data and tests to be able to implement such a game without getting the creator to do any programming.

Player data -

  • stat1-3
  • objects1-3 held

Tile data (none or ...) -

  • impacts stat# by #
  • if player has x Tile changes to y

Object data -

  • Impacts stat# by #
  • Carryable? Invisible?

Sprite data -

  • Impacts stat# by #
  • Gives x object to player
  • Receives y object from player
  • If player has x changes to z
Alternatively if all of this is extensible with a simple sets of conditions that would work too.

This is really well thought out! Thanks for taking the time to post this. This will definitely help me when I work on adding more interactivity. :)