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The patch seems to fixed it. I also found the way to survive the Bucheum puzzle by throwing an alcohol bottle at the demon. Though  am  I supposed to get a piece of picture even when I fail to do so and die instead?  Because I have found that if I throw wine bottle to wrong box at NAX-05 puzzle, I die and don´t get any part of picture there  until I solve the puzzle right.

I encountered another small bug though (unless it´s a feature instead) and that is that one of these purple killers spawned near dance floor and I ran into it while holding wine bottle in my hand. It attacked me, but didn´t kill me. I lost that wine bottle though, which dissapeared. But that killer then kept running in into some object at dancefloor infinitely.


Great feedback! About Bucheum, they did tell you to bring an offering, didn't they? An offering is an offering, after all.

The aggressive dancers aren't supposed to enter the dance floor though, so both that and the infinite running away are bugs. The survival from being attacked part is poorly explained, we'll look into making that clearer.