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Thanks again!

I don't know why, either! Considering how saturated the market is with FPS games, I figured VR FPS games would already be everywhere. The reason I started making this game is because I wanted to play something like this and no-one else seemed to be doing it. Maybe lots of good games are in development but they're just not announced yet? Valve seems to have something up their sleeves but who knows what genre it is.

Thanks for stopping by! The first half of the combat update is pretty much done and unless disaster strikes it should be out on Sunday!

Cant wait. I hope you'll be releasing this on steam for some money. I'm sure plenty of people are eager to fund this game and future games from you like this

That's really encouraging! I would like to put it on steam once it is much further along in development, but there will always be a free version. I'm just preparing to release the new update today; putting together instructions, checking for last minute bugs or mistakes, recording video, etc. Might be up in a few hours (fingers crossed).

So i just got done messing around with the update! I don't know how much you might understand this, but the way you reload the smg is so satisfying. Little details like the "CLINK" it makes when you reload it is soooo awesome. it makes it so addicting and replayable because you want to keep reloading. From a now really big fan of this project here are some requests I'd like you to hear that you may already be implementing. And they are just suggestions, I don't want to offend by suggesting these.

1) maybe a shotgun weapon? people are addicted to shotguns. If you implemented one that has low ammo but is a one shot kill that actually sends the enemy body flying away a couple feet, I don't think I could put down the game. especially if you had to pump it too. having to reload a weapon makes it so much fun

2) maybe a mode where there are a TON more enemies to shoot per room. I know you were worried about it possibly being too difficult, but for me it's not challenging enough. I figure you have it planned though in a sense of after winning the sewer level it gets progressively harder for each level.

3) a big room with a boss in it after so many levels. maybe a large creature of robot that takes a LOT of hits to kill and you have to learn its attack patterns

Have you ever played paper mario? where that had that 100 floor challenge where you had one life and each floor got harder as you went. what if you got a golden weapon for completing that? sorry i know its ridiculous but i dream big xD

I have lots of ideas and i couldnt help but share a few. I cant wait for you're next update. Sorry if the suggestions are too much lol