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im working on new textures again.. but it would be really cool if you could tell me how to make sprites to hazards. Also having to know to to make an animated sprite (like the heart, just 1x1)Would make up for crazy possibilitys. you can just type down the code so i can use it.

could you do that for me please?

or can i even make a specific color deadly?

this might sound dumb.. but as i sad. i have almost no experience. 

The code really isn't set up to easily make changes like that,  but it's possible.

Hazards are stored at line 590, "if tils(px,py,px+7,py+7, [tile index] ) then die() end" will turn [tile index] into a hazard.

The heart is not actually an animated tile but a sprite drawn at the level's end. TIC-80 does have support for animated tiles through writing special "remap" functions, but this game does not use one.

Making a specific colour deadly is possible but much more difficult than making a tile deadly, I'd stick with the method I described above.

If you're this interested in modding Celesteditor have you considered trying to make your own game? Making something like this isn't as complicated as it might seem using a tutorial like this one, and it would mean that you aren't restricted to building off of someone else's game.

well.. i can try..

also making things kill you didnt work.. OOOF

its really annoying..

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You're adding it in the wrong place; it should look like this:


You need to put "end" after each line.