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For alpha this game is great. I see only two problems - first, the looking for points of interest through Wifi signal should be better explained - as I during my first playthrough just chaotically ran through the forest and usually just bumped on them randomly. And that scanning the QR code allows us to see and post messages there. I also liked how you implemented message system into giving hints fo a player.

Second problem, I didn´t like the pink enemies in the forest, as I have enough problem with finding next point of interest already and also would just like to enjoy the atmosphere, without these annoying enemies breaking it for me.

Also I don´t know if it´s a bug, but in one of the puzzles, when that one closed door opens and we aren´t supposed to come there empty handed, when I  did  and got killed, I returned to the door and found there part of picture lying.  Are we supposed to be the offering or  are we supposed to bring there some item as told? Or both? And if first one is true, is  us respawning back at dance floor everytime we get killed, is it a part of the story of the game?

I also liked how it´s branched.