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I'm using mac and so am unable to play... Dunno how hard it is to develop an OSX version but it would be great. 

We could build an OSX version for you, but the problem for us is that we can't test if it works. Therefore, no promises on if it will actually work, but an OSX version will probably be built and ready for blind testing in the coming week.


Experimental OSX version up and running, hope it works for you.

Well, maybe it's from me but I think not unfortunately ; I downloaded the game on OS and I can't get past the main menu

It freezes every 3frames and can't get the game started

Like when I clic on single player the newt menu overlays with the 1st one

Nontheless super cool game and awesome atmosphere keep up the good work !

Sorry to hear that. We will try to get a Mac into the office so we have an easier way to troubleshoot those issues. In the meantime, what specs does your Mac have?

Processor: 1,6GHz Intel Core i5
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics