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Dear ####

Gary the landlord here

It's been a long time the years go by I have my own building, you know things are going very well. BUT as soon as we begin the complaints began

Someone in the steam page recently start complaining about the elevator walls disappearing?and They are talking about a floor between 6 and 8 i don't know . If you can please send someone to take care of HIM/HER/IT.

Being a landlord is a hard job. people break symbols, take cameras without permission (cutting the power in the act), uncurse objects, stop rituals with flashes.

and then they ask if i loved them?

But i know you will take care of the problem because 

i have FAITH in you!

Eh Get it?


Yeah i should go now

Well keep doing..... What you do i'll be taking a nap while the full game comes out which is soon/?

Take care ####