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Loving the updates Artur, thank you! I'm currently going through 1.3 at the moment and found a few bugs I'd like to report (more in the replies, thanks to Hillion).

-The drawer on the left in the first hallway with the phone is still missing doors.

-The shadows for the railings on the second floor are still static, but are fine during red light section.

-LOTS of artifacts during Lisa "attacks".

-After the first "attack" from Lisa when you're getting back up the camera movement is different (not sure if this is intentional on your part) and pans too high and to the right.

-After the first "attack" from Lisa you can find the previous mentioned (and mostly fixed!) shadow circles by the front door.

-When you encounter Lisa standing on the second floor the object that falls and the shattered glass is now completely gone once it hits the ground. Sound effects do, however, remain.

-[Nitpick] The added animation for Lisa when she's supposed to back away isn't exactly how it's supposed to be. She's supposed to take short and slow steps back with less arm movement and her head is supposed to be twitching.

-Once you're in the red light section of the game ALL lights get brighter when you walk into the "room" with the stairs going to the next transition and look behind you (you can literally walk back and forward in/out of the door frame and the lights will change brightness values).

-During the "running sequence" the front door areas hanging light is creating the previously mentioned shadow blobs.

-During the "running sequence" you will constantly run into a wall when turning corners by the phone (when it's on your left) during what I assume are transition loops because I'm being teleported.

-The music during the "running sequence" will stop after only a few minutes.

-After the running sequence I had instances of the camera being automatically zoomed in until zooming in and out.

-Shortly after the running sequence colors range from normal, red, and green. The overall brightness and lighting of the areas after the "running sequence" is just weird.

-Shortly after the running sequence the front door areas hanging light is creating the previously mentioned shadow blobs.

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You also forgot

On the intro, if you press forward there is a walking sound