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Well i dident know of another way to reach you as i did not want to use your email because this message was not for business. I don't often make a account to comment on things but just had to express what a fantastic job you did. SPOILERS BELOW

The moment after your battle with the spirit in the room with all the candles when you walk up the stairs was incredible. The dread i was feeling when it flashed back and fourth between you and whatever was with you made me physically shake and in a rare event i was actually out of breath (Something that has only happened when im terribly afraid). I also wanted to say that the amount of character i saw on priest someone i know almost nothing about when he steeled himself before turning around to confront whatever was behind him was amazing. The amount of character you showed without any words was incredible. Anyway iv'e been rambling for a little too long Thanks for making these fantastic games and i cant wait to play the full release when it comes out! 

Regards: Spencer 

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate your kind words. Don’t forget about the Steam forums; I’m sure they would love to hear your thoughts!