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Cool game :) Fun to play for a couple minutes. Multiplayer worked straight away which was nice. The game has great graphics and the animations are amazing. This along with music that gets you in a trance, all things really add to the emmersion. 

As for feedback. I would like to see more "abilities" added for the eye to protect against the attacker. Right now playing as it feels very defenceless and you basicly have to guess based on very little who is what. Tells of where attacks happened, area checks, back protection, tracking. 

Playing as the attacker feels nice. You have to avoid making it too clear you're chasing the other masks. A slight annoyance i felt was when trying to close in on the eye you all of a sudden turn very slow, this is fine for balance,  but every time, it caught me by surprise and felt unfair. 

In summary: 100% worth playing. Its only in Alpha, but it feels polished already.