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Yeah a continue function would be a nice thing to add, it doesn't need to be exactly where you were, but certain checkpoints is always good when you have multiple endings so you can just skip some parts you already did.

Oh I didn't even notice the bugs but glad I could give some in-video feedback.

But anyway, as I already said was a really nice game, thank you for watching my video, and I will see if I can get a part 2 done soon :)

Not sure if you saw it but there is a continue button for if the player exits the game while playing, but that save data gets cleared once they reach an ending, so it won't be difficult to add something to the current system.

As for the bugs: it was just some items appearing that shouldn't have at that point. The matches, for example, are only meant to appear when you've achieved one specific ending. 

Nothing to worry about, all should be easy to fix :)