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the idea of having  3 things with 2lights and movement based only on both those 2 things per charactor/thing player can move, is unique. i dont thing that any human outside of maybe one of those drone or hellicopter pilots that can read 2 books at the same time would actually have the will power to focus on all the lights and  remember what situation leads to what action they need to take.

because of this i ended up just looking at each of them one at a time which really hurts the gameplay as it is basicly, wait for thing to happen, press button. 

i asume its randomised which means there are situations where you are waiting for longer than you would want to and it just makes the game a bit boring. 

if you lowered the combination amount, keeping the rules of the game in mind then it would be alot faster to play. as well as the buttons you need to press for example there isnt any real reason to say "wasd to move left" , if only "w" actually does anything, its a bit confusing to be honest.

also if you had a penalty for focusing on one at a time (for example. if you are not pushing a button at least once each 5 seconds, then each thing moves down one tile, limiting it to only push back to the start, making sure that atleast 1 of those sets of lights are in the corect state to allow movement that round ), this would add a sence of urgency to the gameplay as you are forced to juggle all of the lights to keep moving upward.

not a fan of the black grid. it looks like something thats supost to help the dev referance and keep track of the tiles position and you say its not finished so i can accept it. though if you are to take this concept thurther i would remove it if possible, at least for the final product.