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is that it....  

i love the charactor animation. its rare to have an animated 3d charactor in a game jam with this short a timeframe;

but, I do think i would prefer a game thats a bit longer than literally go to this one place. 

this seems to have been intended to have a wider scope that got cut due to time. which is always sad. and seemingly always happens. i dont think ive ever done a game jam game where i actually got to put in everything i wanted to.

sound efects would have really added a lot of atmosphere to the game. though i understand there is no "sound" in space. which i think overlooking the efect sound does play to a game. since it is a 3rd person game and you still are the charactor, i think you could get away with sounds for everything that you come into contact with as sound is just vibration through a medium and your body would still count as that.    

if you had lore or extra story to share i would be interested in reading it.

you hit the nail perfectly on the head.  yeah a LOT was cut for time.   I meant to spend about 3 hours on the main character- getting them moddled, rigged, and so on -  but it was my first time making such an elaborate character and I ran into issues getting him to animate.  As a result it ended up taking 12 hours.  the vast majority of the time I had.

As for the lore I was hoping to make a story where your playing as a survey ship which made a jump to a previously unexplored section of space.  but someone screwed up the calculations and  your ship ran right into an asteroid field that tore it to pieces and killed the rest of the crew.  

The goal would have been to search the wreckage for what was left of the bridge so you could send a message back to base making them AWARE of the danger, and not to send a recuse crew because they will only be going to their deaths. 

but because I ran out of time to make the audio, the second half of the ship, and the (most likely terrible) cutscene setting up the  intro.   That was not going to work.  So i just ended up seeing how much I could make in the 3 hours I had left, and making a basic story around that.


any interest in finishing it now the jam is over


I'm 50-50.  I've got another project that I'd really like to get to a certain point before Nov is over, and this would eliminate that.

On the other hand, after I finished I realized adding a real environment and multiplayer would take an ar12 game of hide and seek to a whole new level, and I kind of want to see that.