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Glad you got the game working! Controls can be changed by pressing escape and clicking "gamepad config". It's unlikely that I will go back to update this any time soon as it's over a year old, but if I do I will keep your suggestions in mind.

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will you ever make this game again? I've read about that if you would instead of updating it, completely recreate it on scratch. If so, I would love to work with you, since I love making pixel art and designs. It also it would be a great experience for me, so wouldn't want any money for my work.

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Just typed up this devlog if you're interested in what I might do with this game. As for working together with together, I normally work alone on projects (and have improved significantly at pixel art since I made this). However, given that this is a fan game and not really original, it would be nice to include other people who are fans of Celeste in its development, and I'll definitely consider your suggestion.

Nice to hear that. also I played around with the sprites a bit. so, I kinda created an upgraded version of your example level. enjoy ^^

Nice tileset! Reminds me of the PICO-8 version with the background walls. Also good to see that you changed the winged strawberry room to something actually possible. My main problem is that the icicles look like they should be hazards, maybe make them darker to show they're in the background (also it looks like you used the hair palette index for the checkpoint flags, there should be another red that doesn't change).

Do you have the .map file for this version of the example level?

its example level.. but well never see this version outside of this video again. my computer suddenly struggled and closed all tabs.. so I couldn't save or continue with what I made.. its really sad but it was really fun making own sprites.. also the hair color thing is on purpose. I just thought that it is hilarious.

That's a shame - good thing you took the video then.


now how about we talk around with E-mails instead of the commentary section of a video game.

also i have a older level.. how can i send the downloadlink of it?

You'll need to upload the .map file somewhere first, like Dropbox or Google drive, then send a link here to that. You could also just make an page and put the file there for download.