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So I just finished playing “My Time With Dee Dee” from @DigitallyDownld , I must say it’s a well written game. Never have I played an Eroge that is this complex and meaningful. The story feels real, and it focuses on some hard hitting issues that many games of this genre wouldn’t do or do as well as this game does.

I’ve played a lot of Visual Novels in my time and honestly this might just be my favourite!

Looking forward to playing future volumes , getting to know more about Dee Dee.

If you are having doubts about the game buy it and see for yourself... you won’t be disappointed 

Wow, those are high words of praise indeed. I'm humbled, and thank you! <3

We have so much more planned for Dee Dee (and her friends... STAY TUNED!). It's going to be great, so glad you got in from the start :-