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Thanks! We didn't really come up with an end condition, so it's sort of a just endless horde survival thing.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of gamepad were you using? I was only able to test with what I had on hand(Dualshock 4), so there may be something about how I set it up for my controller that doesn't work with others.

And, is there anything you think could be added to this game to improve it? I'd like to at least get the main mechanics finished, and add the second level back in, but any suggestions on how to improve it(especially from someone who enjoys this genre) would be pretty helpful. Thanks.

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I was using a 360 controller. If you're going to continue working on it, feel free to let me know when you update it, and I'll test it with my controller again.

Well, something quick that could be added is your score after dying, so there's incentive to replay. Your time alive and/or zombies killed.  Ideally also keeping track of your top score. 

I also found it to be a bit too easy, I only took damage once I intentionally stopped to do so. The zombies attack animation hitting home faster would be a good change. As it stands, I was in a position of "how long do I want to play this?" rather than "how long can I survive?" I was completely surrounded a few times, and just walked through the horde without taking a hit.