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This game is pretty amazing and I recommend it. My only gripe is that the battles can take a while (and need a defend command) and the dungeons can take longer. The game is still good and well written. It sits perfectly with Hunie Pop, Katawa Shoujo, and Crush Crush ( which is God-tier  for eroge games imo). Pick it up ASAP

Also, after I tame the imp chick (idk if her default name is randomized or not, so I won't call her Vex), where do I go to progress the story?

Crush Crush is LIFE, so addictive. Playing it on Nutaku. Just wanted to point out that there is a Defend command, it's in Tactics menu, along with Scent (Scan). I agree, fights can take forever, and i wish there was a way to auto-fast forward the ATB guage.

Crush Crush is god. Do you know where I go in Haremon tho?

There is a Defend command in the tactics menu, right above the Scent command. The game even explains the Scent mechanic, so I have no idea how you could miss that for that long.

There is also a way to auto-fast-forward the ATB gauge. This is also explained in the Help menu, which the game tells you to read regarding combat. On a controller, it's RB. It fast-forwards through anything that doesn't have a button prompt. I rarely use it, especially with Vex in the party, but it's there. The game is also smart enough to skip redundant animations automatically.

As for where to go, to the professor. That's...who the whole game revolves around.

there is actualy a defend command it is in the misc. commands near the bottom next to scent and run away. her default name is vex after you rescue her and the cowgirl (dont remember her name) you return to the ranch and then to the professor

Ok, so there are default names. Also, after I go to the professor, what do I do?