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Thank you!

I've wanted to make the bullet faster for a while, but I also get a lot of comments that the game is too hard. It seems with VR the skill gap might be wider than usual games? Also, players who can't use artificial locomotion are at a big disadvantage, I feel. It seems that difficulty settings are absolutely required so I'll add them soon. Not sure what they will affect other than bullet speed. Probably likelihood of health replenishing items, max health, and number of enemies?

I know what you mean about how satisfying head-shots are. At the moment, headshots do triple or double damage so you can conserve on ammo with them when limited ammo becomes a thing in the upcoming update. The next version in development has different damage stats for when you shoot them in the arms and legs, BTW. I'm also thinking of rewarding the player somehow for completing a level with very high accuracy but not sure exactly where to go with this yet. Any suggestions would be great!

Yes on the varying levels! Sorry the map is so samey at the moment. Once I've fleshed out the sewers a bit more I'll be ready to reveal all the other environments I have planned. At the moment the general level progression concepts I have (in order of going up the 'compound') are sewers -> distribution center -> offices -> production -> labs -> executive but don't quote me on that as you know how things change with game development!

All this takes a lot of time as it's just me by myself but I'm dedicated to making this game a solid, fun game - eventually!

Thank you for your input and time!

Hope you don't mind, I made a video of the gameplay!

Of course I don't mind! Thanks for making a video of my game!

Also ... there's a troubling number of groin shots in that video! :P I liked the bonus bit at the end.