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After fixing the 2nd Pump in the aquarium area, I honestly got lost and unsure where to go, Steam was blocking every path that I felt existed. Not sure if I just didn't see the pathway I needed to go or if a steamed-pathway didn't stop being full of steam, I also grabbed a bucket of grub that I think was the wrong one (One for the piranhas instead?) and threw it in Bertha's water with nothing happening - any tips if I'm just missing where I'm meant to go? Or if throwing the wrong bait in the water messed everything up?

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So in the gift shop of the aquarium theres a 2nd room with a "back warehouse" that will lead you to a different area with the 3rd pump. Throwing the chum in Berthas water is the correct thing to do! So i'd say go snooping around the aquarium gift shop ;]

In the next update I'll add more visual clues on where to go because it seems to stump a lot of people. Plus having a working map might be nice too haha.

I'd imagine it like, the old man watching you can turn to look at not just your inventory/health as he does at the start, but also the little box by the TV shows a square-pixel style map of sorts. 

Also, so wait, what happens if I feed the Food that's in the barricaded-door fridge vs the Chest-storage-unit cooler? Since there's 2 places to fill the bucket? Which is right and wrong ;o and what happens if I fill it with the wrong one or such?

So if you hit the start button/ "M" it brings up a rudimentary map, it just doesnt show your exact location. Thats something I wanna finish later on, but I also wanted to have the museum have enough visual clues that a map wouldnt be entirely necessary. I'm gonna update the gift shop with better clues here soon!

Chum-wise, the freezer door near berthas dumping point was put there just incase someone went all the way there but didnt get the chum near the piranhas. That way they wouldnt have to go all the way back. So theres no difference between fish guts! Not sure if you know this but theres another creature that likes chum in the aquarium ;)

Lemme know if you have any more questions during the playthrough! Always happy to help.