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Thank you so much for the constructive criticism! We really appreciate your effort! We're also glad that you like the game so much! We're going to look into things we can do to fix the issues you pointed out aswell as the enhancements!

If you're interested in staying in touch with us, we've got a discord server:

The drunk Jenna is indeed a programming thing by the way :D We have a whole system to replace and/or change text in dialogue as somewhat of a "post processing". In this case, there's a few simple rules in which the dialogue is changed to make it seem drunk.

I like the idea with the bra, but as you correctly pointed out, it's quite a bit of work sadly :/ But we generally look into having more visual changes for Jenna. But again, it's so much work sadly.

I also do agree, that the whole intro sequence up until arriving in Carceburg isn't exactly the strong point of the game. There will be changes to it, at the very least visually.

It would definitely be cool to have some money sink in the game. Right now there's only the shop with the weapons and stuff, but we'd like to add more. We have an idea for the townhall to be a moneysink with lewd implications, but no promise on that yet.

Again, thank you very much for the positive and constructive feedback! <3