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Well, I found some (hopefully no didn't stop me from finding these) bugs. (Don't know if some of these are a bug or intentional)

If a spring is placed on a disappearing block, the spring doesn't always activate the disapearance of the block below it and the spring stays there if the block below disapears.

Transitioning between screens doesn't replenish your dash.

If you are a screen above a flying strawberry and you dash, the strawberry will fly up from the screen below.

When trying to climb on the left wall of a 1 tile wide area, the particles of the climb are on the left and Madeline will be on the right.

Trying to vertically jump into 1 tile wide areas is incredibly difficult.

Have no clue what causes this, but sometimes you will just continuously slide on ice tiles.

The music can get out of sync with the gameplay if you go into the tic menu, the game code, sprites, map, sfx, or music and stay there for a bit.

As I've said before, if I was going to update this I would just rebuild the game from scratch, hopefully with none of these problems. However, the music bug is a bug in the engine I'm using, so I can't fix it.

I'm glad you care about my game Aquatix, but given that it's almost 2 years old now I don't think I will be going back to update it.